Executive team 


Maggie An


Maggie is a fourth year Commerce student with a focus in marketing. This is Maggie's third year on the Mac DECA team, having previously held the position of Director of Member Relations and Social Media. As Co-President, she is responsible for overseeing the responsibilities and operations of the team, and strategically managing Mac DECA's goals and productivity. She hopes to empower delegates to step outside of their comfort zone and to provide them with life long skills that they can apply to any field. Maggie is also the Director of Communications for the Canadian Association of Business Students. In her spare time, she likes to shop, travel, and attempt to beat her friends' and family's' high scores on Candy Crush and other fun games.


Khushbu Bhatt


Khushbu is a fourth year Commerce student specializing in operations management. Last year, as Director of Events, Khushbu overlooked organizing MDCC and various other events the club organized. This year as Co-President of McMaster DECA U, she hopes to make this year McMaster DECA's best year yet by striving to work on better enhancing delegate experience within the club. Outside of DECA and schoolwork, Khushbu loves to watch Netflix (having watched The Office series 4 times now because it's just too good), is a diehard fan of Harry Potter (favourite spell hands down expecto patronum) and is a lover of dogs!


Vidhi Rajput

Vice President Training

Vidhi is a third-year commerce student with high hopes of achieving her CPA designation. Vidhi has been a part of DECA since grade 12 and is also apart of the FYO program with the DeGroote School of Business. As VP of Training for Mac DECA, Vidhi is responsible for planning and preparing training meetings to ensure delegates are well prepared for competition. She is responsible for preparing delegates with the vocabulary and the presentation skills needed to be successful on their cases. Vidhi hopes to devise a training platform that will help delegates succeed and be a support structure for all competitors. Feel free to contact Vidhi if you have any questions or concerns about training! Vidhi hopes to become a successful accountant and one day work in Downtown Toronto. Her interests include enjoying time with friends, working out and supporting her makeup and clothing addiction.


Ramsha Alam

Vice President Training

Ramsha is a fourth year commerce student with a focus in Finance and Business Information Systems . As VP of Training Ramsha hopes to successfully prepare and assist delegates to reach their full potential throughout the competition. Ramsha will be devising a training platform for delegates to support and prepare them for their journey throughout DECA U. She is also responislbe for polishing and assisting delegates with their presentation and communicatoin skills in preperation for cases. Ramsha hopes to successfully and effectively help all delegatse achive their full potential while at McMaster DECA U and make it a memerable experience. In the near future Ramsha hopes to attain her CPA and MBA. Outside of the classroom, Ramsha enjoys spending her time hiking and exploring while spending lots of time with family and friends.


Byron Liu

Vice President Finance and Corporate Relations

Byron is a fourth year Commerce student at McMaster University. He is currently working towards a career path in Accounting. He is excited to be on the Mac DECA executive team for his second year as the VP of Internal and External Corporate Relations with his past role being the Director of Finance and Social Affairs. He is excited to be overlooking the Directors of Corporate Relations , and working alongside them to obtain as much sponsorship as possible. Outside of DECA, Byron's interests include playing tennis, working out and exploring as much of Downtown Toronto as he possibly can. Byron is extremely excited to work with such an amazing and talented team this year and hopes to provide valuable experience for the delegates.


Amanda Pinto

Director, Corporate Relations

Amanda is a third year Commerce student who hopes to specialize in Accounting. As the Director of Corporate Relations for Mac DECA U, Amanda is responsible for reaching out to potential sponsors to obtain funding for DECA U events during the year. Amanda is thrilled to build DECA's network and facilitate opportunities for delegates to meet industry professionals in their respective fields of study. She aspires to obtain her CPA designation following her graduation from McMaster. Apart from DECA, Amanda loves dogs, soca music, road trips, and has an unreal snow globe collection.


Andrew Lianto

Director, Corporate Relations

Andrew is a second-year Commerce student attending McMaster University with intent to concentrate in Accounting. As the Director of Corporate Relations for McMaster DECA U, Andrew is responsible for reaching out to companies and attain sponsorships for the organization in the upcoming year. He hopes to successfully attract a diverse variety of sponsors for McMaster DECA U in order to provide members numerous opportunities for networking and potential job paths. Andrew has aspirations to achieve a placement at one of the Big 4 firms and attain his CPA post-graduation. His interests include watching his favorite shows such as Suits and Prison Break, alongside consistently buying the newest shoes on the market and attending car shows/meets.


Ryan Zou

Vice President Marketing

Ryan is a second year commerce student at McMaster university with an intended concentration in finance & strategy. As the vice president of marketing, Ryan is excited to work towards improving the overall branding of McMaster DECA and delivering more acitivity through its social media channels. This year, he wants to foster increased interaction and engagement between Mac DECA U with its members. Apart from DECA, Ryan is also a part of AIESEC McMaster and served on the McMaster Economics Society last year as the Director of Design. When he's not dealing with a flood of
coursework, Ryan can be found exploring new hiking trails in Hamilton and discovering new shows to binge watch with his current favorite being House of Cards and Master of None. He is also a lover of all things pugs, golden retrievers and Wes Anderson movies.


Ramy Sadek

Marketing Associate

Ramy Sadek is going into his third year of Honours Kinesiology and an aspiring M.D. A little bit about him: He’s always had a passion for business (specifically marketing) and photography. Not being your typical science kid, you're more likely to find him at the soccer field than in class. He’s an avid soccer player and can't live without drinking soup. Ramy started his DECA journey last year as a delegate, and decided to step up and become a Marketing Associate. He’s also a Science Mentor with the Science Society and involved with the McMaster Sports & Business Association (MSBA) , MCAT Prep Club (MMPC), and not to mention, he is the 3rd Year Rep for the Kinesiology Class of 2019. If you ever need a photoshoot or want to play some pick-up soccer, hit him up!


Shuke Wang

Vice President Events

Shuke is a third year Commerce student attending McMaster university. She intends to specialize in accounting, minor in economics, and is also interested in getting a BTM certificate. As Vice President of Events this year, Shuke will be overseeing and coordinating events, primarily the McMaster DECA U Case Competition (MDCC). She will be contacting and arranging judges and guest speakers for the conference, and she hopes to create an interactive environment to encourage delegates to get the most out of their networking experience with industry professionals. Besides her role in DECA, Shuke will also be VP of External Relations at the DeGroote Association for Information Systems. In her free time, Shuke loves hiking, intramural soccer, playing with dogs, eating pho, and taking long naps.


Nafiz Miah

Events Associate

Nafiz is a second year Economics student attending McMaster University. His first year as a delegate has motivated him to take on an executive position to further contribute to McMaster DECA U. As the Events Associate this year, Nafiz is responsible for overseeing and organizing various aspects of all MAC DECA U events including reaching out to external groups and professionals to organize speakers and judges. He hopes to successfully compose each event by obtaining the most qualified judges and speakers while executing each and every detail in order to give all delgates - new and old- the best learning experience possible. Nafiz aspires to one day be a prosperous business man working in downtown Manhattan. Outside of class, you can find Nafiz playing basketball, working out, chilling with friends or at your local Footlocker and Zara.


Vaishali Gohil

Vice President Internal Relations

Vaishali is a fourth year Commerce student attending McMaster University. Vaishali is specializing in Finance and minoring in Economics. As VP of Internal Relations, Vaishali will ensure that she communicates with the best of her abilities with all the delegates. She promises to deliver accurate information and help out delegates at any time. Vaishali's interests include socializing with friends, going out on adventurous trips and working out. Vaishali hopes to become a successful businesswoman in Kenya one day. Vaishali strives to ensure that McMaster DECA U will be a memorable experience for all.


Annecy Pang

Vice President of Logistics

Annecy is a third year Arts and Science student who can't decide if she likes chemistry or philosophy more. Last year, Annecy was an associate for MAC DECA U and helped out with general tasks. Annecy is excited to take on a VP role this year and make sure the details at all of our events are taken care of. Apart from DECA, Annecy is part of AIESEC McMaster, Epsilon Sigma Alpha, occasionally dabbling in Incite Magazine and Model United Nations. When not in a classroom or library, Annecy can be found caramel iced coffee in hand, leading a group of prospective McMaster students on a tour of campus. She adores travelling and perpetually has a list of places she must go next. Annecy is a lover of bubble tea, a collector of stuffed animals, and an admirer of Michelle Obama.